Question Tags

The tag in English is a phrase added to the main part of the sentence, inviting the listener to confirm or give an opinion about the comment. It is composed of two parts: the auxiliary verb, determined by the principal verb, in negative form (or affirmative if the principal verb is negative), followed by the pronoun, determined by the subject.

Decide what the correct question tag should be for each comment.

1. German women don't have small feet, ___ ____?

do they
do she


2. France would like to win another World Cup , ___ ___?

wouldn't they
are they



3. We can't keep our canary in the hotel room, ___ ___?

couldn't we
can we


4. The film received several Oscars ___ ___?

did he
didn't it



5. You have already seen Lord of the Rings, ___ ___?

haven't you
did you