First Conditional Exercise 2


1. If I go to France this summer, I _____ (visit/undoubtedly) Chartres Cathedral.

2. If I get bored at the meeting, I _____ (leave/probably) early.

3. If I _____ (move) to the suburbs, I will spend an hour commuting each way.

4. If the defendant is convicted, he _____ (appeal/certainly).

5. If that company fails, thousands of workers _____ (lose) their jobs.

6. If the retailer _____ (sell neg.) enough of our product, he will stop buying from us.

7. The price of that company's stock will surely fall if its CEO _____ (go) to prison.

8. Government spending _____ (reduce pas.) significantly if the president signs the bill.

"If you use drugs, you _____ (be) sorry sooner or later," said Dr. Miller.

10. If that bill _____ (become) law, it will increase the price of a new car by 10%.

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